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An Information Technology Company,. Our teams of SPECIALIZED CONSULTANTS provide expertises and advises in a wild range of Informations Technologies. At Hal Strategic Partner, we strive to build strategic relationship with our clients. We pride ourselves on the on-time delivery of high quality consulting solutions and products. We have offices in Johannesburg (South Africa) and Dakar (Senegal).

Our Values

• Integrity: we always act according to our values, beliefs and principles. • Independence: we are dedicated to offer our clients independent trusted advise. • Excellence: we always deliver the highest quality services to our clients. • Flexibility: we focus on custom-tailored services for our clients unique needs • Clients: we take a client-centric approach to develop long term relationship.

Information technology and Systems.

Always at the forefront of front-line technologies like applications, infrastructure, Data management and cloud-based solutions. With a large network of highly skilled Technology specialists, with many years of experiences, we cover the full spectrum.

We are HAL STRATEGIC Partners

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